Follow: A two-player cooperative game

September - November 2019



Follow is a two player cooperative game, with a custom controller. Follow explores the space of leading/following, the intimacy of opposition, and the delicate balance of shared control.

“Is there intimacy in opposition? How do we move together when we lead and follow?”


My role

Marie LeBlanc Flanagan was the creative head and lead artist of this project. I was responsible for the fabrication and micro-controller programming of the custom game controller.

Key Technologies




Follow was show-cased at No:Quarter Exhibition 2019.

How Follow works

  • There are two players and two enormous LED buttons. Each player controls one button.
  • On the screen, there are circles (representing players) surrounded by rings (representing energy)
  • When the left player presses their button, both players are pulled left, and the left player starts losing rings/energy to the right player.
  • When the right player presses their button, both players are pulled right, and the right player starts losing rings/energy to the left player.
  • Movement never stops - unless both players hold their buttons simultaneously, which freezes them in place.
  • There are some falling mini-spikes that "pop" rings if they hit a player and falling rings that players can catch.
  • When either player runs out of rings the game ends for both.
  • You can read more about the game’s development and vision here.


RowFooter rows

♥︎ Arnab Chakravarty. Made using Primer and Super.