January - May 2019



VirtuOso connects to a drawing app that charges your vibrator while you make art. The longer you doodle, draw, or write using the app, the longer you can use your virtuOso vibe! You can also set your virtuOso to 'live mode' for instant positive reinforcement as you make art ;)

With virtuOso, you align the body's built-in reward system with making art. By autonomously—and autonomically— triggering reward for creativity, it becomes more tangible, achievable, and frequent. More practice, more pleasure!


My role

This project was a collaboration with Gabriella Garcia who let the idea development, video, design. I was the creative technologist on the project and was responsible for the creative development, technical direction, fabrication and programming of the vibrator.

Key Technologies


Javascript, HTML, CSS.

How it works

In its current iteration, the device has 2 modes:

  • Charging mode: The device reacts to using an MSPaint-style sketch via the USB port and time spent drawing with the app is converted into minutes of use on the device. For every 10 minutes spent on the app, the device can run for a minute.
  • Live Mode: The device triggers the vibration motors and LEDs while the paint app is being used.

Full demo video

Project Documentation


Virtuoso was show-cased at the NYU ITP Spring show 2019.



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♥︎ Arnab Chakravarty. Made using Primer and Super.